Figment of a Big Red Barn
Though my husband would argue, I wouldn't say I was raised in a barn but I have always wanted one. It was just a matter of time as my obession with my very own chickens grew before their living arrangements got an upgrade and big time. This project started as a little figment in my vast and colorful imagination.
We live in a neighborhood where chicken coops don't exactly fit in and I was sure having chickens at all was breaking a code of some kind. Like I have said in previous pages, I am dumb, but I am even BETTER at playing dumb. Luckily no one has tested that particular skill of mine. It turns out I am also skilled with power tools and perhaps that will deter the looky loo neighborhood do gooders...if there are any...from reporting me to the CC&R authorities.
Anyway, the Chic-N-Hutch looked like a miniature hobo shanty and I was having no part of that in my backyard. So the sketches started and this is the result.
Framing was done using 2x3s the feet are 4x4s cut to 1 ft lengths. The dimensions are 5x3 1/2.

the walls are 1/4 inch plywood. the roof is plywood covered with roofing felt covered with regular shingles.

the windows and roof openings are covered with 1/4'' hardward fabric.

the roost i made from an old broken broom handle and 2x2s

Presenting my little red barn: The Coop Du Toilet

There is a pull-out panel on the back for easy cleaning and overall better coop access.

I attached the chicken run that I bought to go with the retired Chic-N-Hutch and it fit so well i decided to stop there. My original plan was to build on a bigger run but they seem to have plenty of room.

view of the coop from the back room.