the coop in progress, framing
I used lightweight framing methods with the intention to eventually add wheels so that the coop could be tractored
but the current location is great for the shade and the zoning code required distance from the house (35 feet)
45 degree mitered corners Gorilla glued and screwed

the coop in progress, framing, nesting box, and raised coop floor completed
the nesting box is slightly angled so that the eggs will roll away
it will be covered with easily cleanable astroturf on the inside to
cushion the girls and the fragile eggs as they roll away

the girls are here!
arrived March 22, 2009

more progress
corrugated galvanized steel roof and T-111 plywood siding

added 1/2" hardware cloth to self contained run areas
latches, hinges, caulking
sealed with Thompson's cedar tinted waterproofing, easily applied using the HVLP spray gun
not showing here is the window on the back side or the vents over the ends for air circulation
and the flashing covering the two levels of the nesting box


and here are the happy girls enjoying there new home