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By denise8762 · Feb 19, 2013 ·
  1. denise8762
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    After looking at hundreds of coop designs and ideas from BackYard Chickens, I decided to take the plunge and go to Lowes and start the building process. Since I have no building experience, but am a handy girl, I was sure there would be many learning, "aha" moments, and some "if I could do that over" comments. I waited until my husband was out of town, so I could put time effort and money into my project. After the second day when I had a close call with plywood falling near my head and was once again using the circular saw, I wondered how smart my decision was to work alone on this project. As the walls starting taking shape, I found myself wondering if I should include a green roof. I had seen a design like that in a book out of the Seattle area, and decided I should attempt it. Two day later, the coop was done. Next was the run, again, after looking at designs and knowing my limitations, I decided on a simple run and use an old door that I had collected. I finished the project with some fresh paint and put up my metal signs and planted my flower beds. What I have found to be true is this, not always is cute functional! I have since given up hope that my flowers will stay intact and that I should have put the green roof on the other side of the coop,and have added a small extension for the coop to the run, oh yes, and an outdoor water source. The most important thing I learned? Nothing ventured , nothing gained! Pictures are on my photos, My first chicken coop

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