First Hay Cut

By 7L Farm · Apr 17, 2012 · Updated Apr 17, 2012 ·
  1. 7L Farm
    Describe 'First Hay Cut' here Here at 7L Farm we sell hay, farm fresh eggs, farm fresh veggies, quail, & quail eggs. Here are some of the flock checking out a round bale. Chickens are very curious animals. Guess, they were making sure the bale was right & looking for some bugs to eat. I hatched most of the chickens here on the farm & I call them Texas Reds. I do have one Dom Hen whom I got from a freind . I currently have two flocks that range from two year olds to one year olds & one Roo. they all free range everyday here on the farm. The flocks have seperate coops & every evening they return to their seperate coops to roost. I've built coop # 3 & have 48 eggs in the bator I need more farm fresh eggs to sell. The second flock is the offsprings of my original flock & the third flock that hopefully will hatch will also come from my flock as well. Here they are:[​IMG]

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