I am a new member (first post) and got two ducks. This is a great forum and I have been reading for the last a few days now.

My co-worker picked up these two ducks on the road and she did not have space to house them so I adopted them.

I know one of them is a Pekin duck but what is the other one? Also how old are they? 3 - 4 weeks?

I had to quickly buy a dog kennel to house them (for during the day) and a stock tank as their swimming pool. We have two fish ponds (one koi and one goldfish) in the back yard and I will let them swim in the koi pond (20 feet by 40 feet) when they mature.

Here are some pictures.

The two ducks

Their swimming pool (I let the duck out in the yard so they are outside the kennel)

Here is their kennel

I am working on a house for them and here is a pic. I will build a 5' by 4.5' base (deck) and then use railing around it. They can then walk around the house with 1' of space around.

Today they have been playing in the stock tank.