First Time Egg Hatcher

By krazykatz13 · Jun 4, 2012 ·
  1. krazykatz13
    We recently purchased 2 female Indigo Blue peacocks and to be sure they did not fly away, we put them in our covered chicken yard. After having them about a week, one started to lay but in random places around the chicken yard. I gathered the eggs as she layed them and put them in an incubator. I called the person we bought them from and they insured us that they were fertile. I candled the eggs after about 2 weeks and the eggs had a large bubble at the rounded end and there was a large dark blob in the middle of the egg. I have an auto turner in the incubator to ensure the eggs are turned properly. The first eggs were laid on May 5 and when I candled them this weekend, the blob was taking up most of the egg but there was still the bubble at the round end. They are not piping at all and I do not know how long after 30 days to wait for them to hatch. should I try to pip the egg for them? There are 7 eggs total, all layed about 48 hours apart and all went from clear eggs in the beginning to dark blobs at varying sizes. Maybe I am just too impatient!

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