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By AbbyTravers · Aug 4, 2013 · ·
  1. AbbyTravers
    Wow! This is my first time raising chickens and we started out with 31.Haha.
    Finally we started to get some eggs after about 5 months. So far we have gotten good days, bad days, and great days!!
    Now we are averaging about 12-15 eggs a day!! We cant eat them all. My red and black sex links plus my 2 white wyandottes just like to camp inside most of the day. But my other 2, Toothless, silver laced Wyandotte, and Hammy, Old English Game hen bantam, like to play in the mud outside.
    and today we got 20 more chickens because they were treated poorly.
    Cant wait for them to start laying.
    Thank you every one for posting I have learned a lot from this web site.

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  1. AbbyTravers
    Ok thank you. Can you please look at my article Help!!! I really need some advice about the chickens that I rescued.
  2. Whittni
    Thanks for sharing and don't forget, everyone loves to see chicken pictures.

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