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  1. thefishery
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    Fishers Flock started 4 years ago when I got a rooster and hen from the old man down the road. We have had many learning experiences and have had several breeds.

    This is our little Golden Comet. We got her 1 year ago with 3 other Golden Comets. She was the only survivor of a dual dog attack. She is a lovely little lady and lays the prettiest cream colored eggs.


    This is my sons D'uccle roo. He is our first bantam. He is a very attractive fellow. We got him this year at a small animal swap at the local TSC.


    This fluffy gal is a rescue bird of sorts. My friend had a raccoon take out her entire flock and this was the last survivor. We brought her home in order to spare her the same fate of her flock mates. She has mixed in very well. She is the largest in our flock now.


    I got this Mille for my son at the small animal swap. We didn't get the chance to give him a once over before bringing him home due to the crate he was in. I had never seen a bird so pretty and had to have him. When we got him home we learned that he was pretty ate up with bugs :( He was on deaths door step by the next day. My 7 year old son whom I bought him for, set up a crate in his room and moved the little roo in with him. He nursed him to health and now this guy is a constant companion for my son. This little roo has attended football games, soccer games and goes to the feed store with us. He takes him to play with his friends and anywhere else he could go. This bird has it made!


    This is Ruddy our flock roo. He was given to us by a coworker of my husbands with a flock of 6 Rhode Island Red hens. The hens were killed in an attack -neighbors dogs have been taken care of- but the rooster has managed the remaining flock like the professional he is. He's a great rooster, never once acted in an aggressive manner. I guess when you go from living in a dog kennel on a cement floor to free ranging, you have a greater respect for your new keepers? I say "yes".

    Ruddy the roo...breath taking. I wish I knew what he was because I'd like some more of him.

    Now this is my sons very first hen, Brownie. She was bought for us by my Aunt. She gave us 12 chicks that she got at a flea market 3 years ago. Brownie is the last one from that bunch. She has survived Numerous dog attacks and several bobcats. She is a survivor! This is her trying to hatch out some eggs for the first time this summer. She is a lovely Partridge :D

    This is my sons d'uccle again with the guineas in tow. He always stays close to the guineas.

    My son with his Mille. The two are unseperatble.

    Because we all take our hens to football games, right?

    Ok, so this is just the sign on the coop. Yes, I forgot the "s" and had to stick it in there. We're not all perfect. lol
    It looks like I need to get more pictures because I don't have great pictures of all my birdies.

    So we have been attacked by the neighbors two dogs for the period of two years. I started by warning the neighbors to shooting the dogs with a low powered bb gun to scare them off. It didn't work and in a two year time period the dogs killed 200 of our chickens. As we replaced them, the dogs killed them. When the dogs managed to get themselves locked up in our garage via the attached coop, we rehomed them for the neighbors. I'm pretty sure they didn't want the dogs anyhow or else they would have cared for them better. We also went through a two month period of random bobcat attacks. With a free ranged flock, it's hard to prevent things like this from happening. We do have a coop and run for those times when things might get rough and we can keep them safe from harm. Since the dogs and bobcat were taken care of, things have been so peaceful all year long.

    We love our chickens. Everyone should have a trio at least.

    When people ask why I have chickens, I just tell them about their beauty and how God must have made them especially for me because there is nothing more calming.

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  1. TheCrazyClucker
    Your Ruddy looks like a Basque rooster. All your flock is beautiful!
  2. thefishery
    Thank you everyone. It's nice to share with other chicken lovers.
    The bag that my son has isn't a bag, it was his sweat shirt. It was chilly and he was worried his hen would be cold so he took off his jacket and wrapped his hen up in it, but now that it was mentioned, I might make a bag for him to carry his birds in ;P That's a great idea!
  3. ChickenMaster98
    That is really cute :)
  4. sophiesmith
  5. KimKimWilliamso
    I wish my Mille Fleur Rooster was that friendly! When we brought our first batch of 2 day old chicks home I was really hoping my Mille would be a hen...such a cute chick and the sweetest calmest one of them all. Turns out he was a roo, and when the girls started laying he became nasty. By no means intolerable, but he gives me the occasional spurring fit if I dont pay attention when in the coop. He's tiny so it doesnt hurt my feelings, but my kids can no longer tend to the chickens because of him and thats sad. Your man is a beauty!
  6. kilby
    I think your Ruddy is a Cuckoo Moran/Wellsummer or another red type. Wyandottes have the speckled feathering too. CR's have the white/black legs unlike a Barred Rock but everything else the same.
    The comb and waddle are an exact match and the mottled feathers to my CM.
  7. drumstick diva
    I really enjoyed meeting a few of your chickens. Your comments made each one stand out as an individual, instead of 'just another' bird in the flock. I can tell you love each and every one of them.
  8. sara213
    beautiful story!!!
  9. Chickenfan4life
    Whoo-HOO! GREAT FLOCK! I love the Mille!
  10. Marty1876
    Glad your flock is finally safe. Two hundred birds is a lot to lose!
    Very good story,also very inspiring.I really like the end where you are talking about why the lord might have made chickens.I am sure God always laughs when people try to figure out which came first the chicken or the egg,becuase God always know the answer.
  12. LoveChickens123
    wow love all your pictures
  13. AlicesSilkies
    What a lovley chicken and human family you have, they all look soo happy :)
  14. ChickensAreSweet
    What a wonderful flock and nice stories for each one! I am sure they are glad to have a home with you!
  15. plantlady
    The 'fluffy gal' (raccoon survivor) is a Light Brahma.
  16. Ellochicken
    What kind of bag does your son have? It looks great and i would like to consider buying one!
  17. cubbycopter47
  18. thefishery
    Oh wow Ruddy really does look like a Rhodebar. Seeing where he came from, I could see him being a Rhodebar.
  19. thefishery
    Thank you all so much! We love our feathered friends <3
  20. sezjasper
    Love your story, your flock is beautiful and the pictures with your son are priceless!
  21. sunnyvera
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story. Love that your son has a favorite chicken. Glad the attaches have stopped, how sad for all your losses. Take care.
  22. Melabella
    Rudy looks like a Rhodebar... but since these are quite expensive chickens, cant' imagine someone would give them away,, but hey, ya never know! Since he came with 6 RIR hens, he is most likely some sort of RIR mix. In fact.. Rhodebars were developed with RIR and some British breed I can't remember.. I think something called Brussbars....
    What ever he is, he is stunning! What makes him even prettier is that he is such a nice fellow!
    THanks for posting.. Love the pictures of the children with the cchickens. Warms my heart. A football game too! So cute!
  23. Dudu
    How sweet! Thanks so much for sharing!
  24. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process.
  25. thefishery
    Thank you. I'm not sure if I know what that breed is but I'm going to google some images.
  26. BantamFan4Life
    Ruddy looks like a (Crele) Penedesenca (or some other breed with the crele variety). I love your flock!

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