Stone Mountain Farms
We (my family) are very proud of our little farm and our recent additions...chickens. We became Silkie fanatics and have 15 beautiful birds living in the best little coup. My husband worked so hard on the coup and run and we just love him for it. He doesn't appreciate the chickens as much as Althea and I do but that's okay!! They will be joining the rest of the crew which consists of:
4 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats, some fish, a snake and the worlds fattest guinea pig, Henry.

We have added ducks this year to our little farm. We've got 7 little guys in the brooder as we speak. Very excited about the first hatch also. I have 8 silkie eggs in the bator as we speak and 5 on the counter to take to school for my students to hatch. I pray everything goes well ane we have new babies soon.
My 4 year old daughter, Althea, is a die hard animal lover and after weeks and months of begging my husband to let me have some chickens I resorted to dirty tricks. I got Althea to ask. Next day she and I picked up our little brood and put him to work on a coop!! We are so excited and eager to learn all we can to keep our chicks healthy and happy!