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So...in the beginning...
We got five chicks from a friend, who had hatched them for us under one of her hens. We got them when they were bitty babies: our youngest was still damp. We kept them in our bathroom. First they were in a box (a homemade brooder--it and all the equipment borrowed) with a heat lamp.We had five babies.


Almost hatched! Perry


Nutmeg; Pippin Brooder setup


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[/URL] Griffin, [FONT='times new roman', times][SIZE=3][COLOR=#3300cc]Nutmeg[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [SIZE=4][FONT=times new roman][COLOR=rgb(51, 0, 204)] Pippin, sleeping [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][URL='[URL]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:U%2B2191.svg[/URL]']
So, since these chicks are from a large flock, apparently they all have the same father (an Ameraucana) but different mothers. So...they are all 100% mutt! We hope at least one turns out to be an EE, though.
We've been spoiling these guys, so, although they'll be living outside, they are going to be little pets. We live too close to our neighbors, however, to allow a rooster. So, whoever turns out crowing is sent back to the friend we got them from.

Time passes...


Three months later, they're still in the bathroom! They've grown a fair bit though...
Can you tell who's who?

Okay...you got it...it's Perry, Lizzy, Nutmeg, Griffin, and Pippin (right to left). As you can see, their living arrangements have changed slightly.

Fortunately we've been making a little progress on the coop!
See the whole coop plans, etc. at the "Coop" page at the top.

This is the finished coop...

With the run around it!

And the happy tenants, at around three months.

All right, you counted correctly, there are only four chickens. We had to give our fearless leader, Perry, away.


Here is a picture in his commemoration, taken about when the rest were.
Fortunately we know that he went to a good home where his talents in crowing, hen-herding, and domination of the flock will be appreciated.

We know how extraordinarily lucky we were to have only one rooster, in a totally straight-run hatch!
Here's Griffin in the dust bath we installed...
First egg, laid by Pippin!

Time passes... sadly Griffin died today (10/7/11)
She was less than two years old...we suspect she had difficultly laying an egg, and we were not home when it happened.
However, she acted just fine, right until the end.


Rest in Peace.