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Flnatvs Member Page

By flnatv, Jan 11, 2012 | |
  1. flnatv
    Trying to figure out how to do this [​IMG]

    I live in NW TN and am a Biology Teacher who is hoping to get my hands on an incubator to teach an embryology lesson next year. Darn schools can be cheap sometimes... but I will persevere and find one eventually.

    I have horses, dogs, cats, hamsters, ducks and chickens....
    Horses: April (TWH) and Skip (AQH)
    Dogs: Sydney (blue heeler), Bazooka and Butterscotch (border collie, lab, sharpei, and akita mixes)
    Cats: Mo, Mona Lisa (she is a work of art), and Moocher (who showed up in the barn... mooching food... disappeard and came back with a broken hip and leg... many pins/surgeries later... an old inside kitty)
    Teddy Bear Hamsters: Popcorn and Snickers
    Bearded Dragon: Wizard (Citrus X) and Mu"stang" (redxorange)
    Plated Lizard: Tank (built like one too :)
    Ducks: Hansel and Gretal (crested somethings), Moricai and SusieQ (call)
    Chickens: oh, my! Lets just say... BSL, Partidge Rock, NH, white Silkies, GL Polish and BOB (Bantam BO... got this from JIM :)


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