duckschicks008.jpgDuck and her "chicks" she hatched

Rosie.jpgMy Beautiful Rosie (Black Sex Link) and her "sisters"

P1010166.jpgThis is what the Barred Rocks think of the duck!!

P1010176.jpgSome RIR will go broody and hatch..

P1010177.jpg bobandgirls.jpgBig Bob.. getting ready to crow or something.. Bob and his girls..

P1010191.jpgAnother pic of Rosie and her sisters... (Black Sex Links) My favorites.. can ya tell??

P1010193.jpgP1010196.jpgOne of my dark Cornish... she seems to really be listening to what they have to say... lol...

P1010174.jpgThis is my other Dark Cornish.. we call her Tormentor.. the other chickens didnt like her when she was little and ripped her feathers out ever chance they got.. you can see her chest.. but then the tables are turn and she whipped em everyone gets along.. except the RIRs..

LilMissPrettyTail.jpg This is my Little Miss Pretty Tail.. I believe shes a Dominque..