These are the birds that we have for sale at this time. This page will change often so check back often if you don't see what you are looking for.
Pictures will be added later. If you need any pictures of them ASAP let me know and I'll get them.

Speckled susex young trio
Blue polish young pair
Black polish young pair
Buff bearded polish young pullet
Barred rock cockerel
4 silver laced cochin pullets
2 pairs of partridge cochins
3 red sex link pullets
3 black sex links
Partridge cochin pair
Partridge cochin pullet
Blue frizzle hen

Blue frizzle hen #2

Lemon Blue rooster

Lavender Rooster

Young pair of whites

#2 pair of young whites

Trio of white frizzles
1 smooth rooster and 2 frizzle hens.
Trio of buff brahma bantams