I'm a young girl raising 12 chickens in all. (11 pullets, 1 cockerel.)
And I will ask many questions about them in the forum.
I'm starting a mealworm farm currently, thank God! No more having to spend money every week for the little worms, so any help/tips on that would help immensely.
Also, I currently have 2 dogs, 70+ fish. (At least 30 are koi), a caged bird, and frogs.
I love animals like crazy, my animals mean the world to me, so I'd love to hear any stories about yours.
Sadly, I must keep my cockerel away from my girls once he gets old enough to reproduce. No baby chicks for me. ):
I will try to keep updates on how all the animals in my family's doing.
These are the breeds of my animals:

6 Black and White Brahmas.
3 Tetra Tints.
3 Rhode Island Reds.

1 Chiuaua/Dachshund mix.
1 Pure-bred Toy Fox Terrior.
40+ Goldfish.
30+ Butterfly/Regular Koi.
Caged Bird:
1 Gray Cockatiel.

3 Bullfrogs.
2 Leopard Frogs.
5 Tadpoles!