How do you make a silk purse yhst-87716116183226_1970_11077567.gif out of a
sow's ear..........
.......first get rid of the kids.
As every parent knows, we will do as much as we can with the resources we have to make our kids happy, when the human kind grow up and leave the nest....well... it is not too much of a stretch to realize the desire to fill that nest with something else. Like chickens...definite nest thing there.

Since the youth of our hearts have gained age and experience and have left the trappings of their youth , the directive was is time to tear down the play fort. Or maybe not. As a birthday present, I announced that my girl from Texas could have the chickens she had spoken often about. Rather than tearing down the play fort, it would become Fort Coop. Headquarters of the 1 st Armored Attack Chicken least feathered chicken....
Since a structure was in existence, it was a simple thing to remove the weathered materials and rebuild into a coop worthy of our replacement children.

Since it was important to make the coop shed water here in the great Northwet. (No spelling error) Adding roofing and good walls are half the battle.

Time for some siding and a nice window.
Fencing the protected run with the temporary outer run.
Outside accessible nesting box makes collecting eggs easy. covered storage for the Orchard grass and extra feed in the bucket.

I would like you to meet the kids. Lucy, Maude, Esther and Silkie.
Some nice fencing action for the outside run under the Kiwi vines.

But what secrets lurked here?
Sadly the Black Silkie turned out to be a Roo. Hector had to go back to the chicken farm where Roos are more accepted, we heard he even got a girlfriend!
Loving the life at the Fort Coop Stockade


Plenty of good dirt and space to stretch the drumsticks.

Nothing beats a good dirtbath.
Changes pending are some insulation for the walls and ceiling, 1 inch foam board. This will reduce cold stress for the winter in the Seattle area.
In the age where recycling makes sense. Fort Coop is a pattern.
Headquarters of the 1 st Armored Attack Chicken Division.