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Hi there! My name is Danielle. My family (DH Chis and DDs Makaya and Jaclyn) live currently in Dallas, Texas. We also own 20 acres of land in East Texas that we are moving to, but has not been occupied in 60 years, so lots of work to do to get it ready. To add to the motivation to move, I received my first 2 chicks this Mother's Day(2008) , 1 wk old Buff Orphington and 1 wk old Rhode Island Red Pullets. I have never owned birds, I have always enjoyed them, but the city life I was accustomed to did not have room for a coop until recently. We are firm believers in self-sufficiency ( living mostly free of resources outside of our ability, i.e. utility companies, commercial food industry, etc.) and feel that a country life will allow us the opportunity to provide that for our family. It will provide not only an healthy, ecologically friendly environment for our girls, but also give security in times of trouble for the rest of the nation. We wish all a prosperous life and comfort in the current times of uncertainty.