What I've Learned About Chickens
Feed Stores are placesBAD
And when picking out chicks one will always pick more cockrels then pullets on the first go around
When ordering chickens you can never order enough!
Chickens are an addiction I started with 4 and now have 23 none over a year yet!
Just a few of my crew
My Silkie rooster Smokie

The orginal girls (Alice with the dippy tail and Betsy with the more upright tail both Black Australops)

Ester the Barred Rock (she loves the camera)
Sage who laid her first egg on Easter Sunday

Jullian (my "special" boy he has a head tramua head tilt)

Abe the Cream Brabanter (feed store named him)
And last but not least my favorite little (ok big) Dark Brahma pullet Bossy pictured at 5 days

I also cant forget to mention
Debbie the Gold Sex-Link- unbelievable layer
Chippy and Grumy the Easter Eggers that lay blue and green eggs
April 1 and April 2 the "apricot" Silkies
Dora the Expolorer otherwise known as a Dorking (you should get one)
Little Dot the White Crested Polish Bantam
Wanda the Wyandotte
4 Self Blue Silkies with no names
a Blue and Black Silkies with no names