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Fresh Eggs from Spoiled Chickens

  1. lilnursetara
    My spoiled White Leghorns

    First day home....

    First time outdoors

    Sleepy chicky

    She's BEAUTIFUL! Love my ladies! 7.5 weeks old​

    I have been wanting chickens for a while, my husband finally bought me 6 little chicks for my birthday on 3/30/13. I have fell in love with these beauties and already want more! I love coming home from work they are like therapy for just sitting outside watching them and talking to them!
    [​IMG]We're expecting fresh eggs starting in August!!!!​

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  1. Chickenlady2013
    i have one leghorn, love her. I get a white egg every day. Named her Pearl.
  2. 6 littleHens
    Enjoy your eggs when you get them!

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