freya and her flock

By jarvis · Feb 1, 2013 ·
  1. jarvis
    two years ago i ordered 25 chicks from mcmurrays .. one of these chicks was a adorable ameracauna that I named Freya .. =) I unfortunatley lost almost all of the others to a hawk and a clever fox .. but have finally beat the hawk and fox .. so Freya and the rest of the flock are now finally safe =) i aquired several others for my flock over the years.. mostly ameracaunas or ees .. (they are my favorite breed now =p) I have five counting Freya ... (for now .. ordering more this year !!!!! yay) i have 10 hens ... two rir (crooked tail and clever ) a domincker (sp ? ) Kimi
    five ameracaunas Freya Flora Fauna Baila and Echo A australorp - Snow a drk cornish - zerra (or Z)

    two unnamed roos .. (going to frezzer camp soon . .. ) a dom /brahma cross who is my flock roo .. his name is silver boy ( i really need to come up with something better for him lol )
    and two bantam roos .. red and tiny .. =) red was my neighbors but was picking fights with his big roo .. (and loosing ) the dom roos were my grandpas .. excess from hatching last year .. and the other bantam .. hes just so cute were going to get him his own set of girsl soon .. ( probably during chick days =p )

    im going to add several breeds to my flock this year .. including turken polish speckled sussex and cochins =) and i think silkies but will probably get the silkies during chick days or from the local breeders .. =)

    probably other breeds as well .. lol ..

    i also have (for now ) 2 rouen ducks the drake Mr quakers and the hen rowan =)

    getting geese and turkeys this year as well ...

    ignore the big roo in the pics i dont have him anymore ..
    this is freya in th middle of te food bowl ! shes the boss hen

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  1. chickenpooplady
    Beautiful flock!
  2. nobodyherebutuschickens
    What a beautiful flock! :)

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