Hi! My name's Elizabeth and I live in Wallace, Ca. My 13 yr old son and I have a lot of animals- horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, cockatiels and fish. He loves cats and chickens the most and my all time favorites are the horses. Here's some pictures of the "family".
Sunny Bunny Houdini (RIP) Charlie the goat Zoomie the Italian Greyhound​
Chickensetc11-05-07028.jpg Chickensetc11-05-07029.jpg Chickensetc11-05-07014.jpg shooting11-03-07009.jpg

Me and Charlie

Tiny Terror Black the Australorpe Red the RIR (RIP)
Chickensetc11-05-07024.jpg chickensandduckSept2008042.jpg Chickens11-05-07001.jpg
White Leghorn hen Pretty Boy
ChickensDec2008004.jpg chickensandduckSept2008008.jpg
Sebright chicks
Mack Daddy Silkie mama with a Leghorn mix chick
chickensandduckSept2008014.jpg ChickensDec2008015.jpg
Me and Verve Fire (RIP)