Hello from Central Alberta CANADA!!
I am super-new to this whole thing and really have no clue what I am doing, so I will wing it (haha) and see what happens.
I am on a mission to raise a group of heritage chickens that I intend to raise as "tri-purpose" pets/eggs/meat. My little addiction started quite a few years ago when I learnt that there were still chickens around that our ancestors raised and that they weren't all white and plain!
Then my DS who was in Kindergarten hatched some duck eggs in his class and the teacher called me...here I was thinking I was getting the first "call from the teacher" about my DS doing something wrong but exactly the oposite! Turns out he as really taken a shine to the ducklings and they need to go somewhere when they are too big for the class room and would I let him adopt them?...Of course! I say....hahaha we didnt have anywhere to keep them or the slightest idea of HOW to look after them, but I have alot of experience with other animals and we just happened to have a rabbit hutch with no rabbit in it, (thanks Mr. Fox) so...a brooder was created! I wasnt so popular with the hubby for a while but if there is one thing he is used to, its me bringing home animals!!
So the ducks got bigger and I remembered all about the different breeds of chickens I had discovered and I was off on a mission to get baby chicks! The obvious place to start was google-which was dissapointing because everything cool I was finding was in the States. Then a friend told me that a neighbour raised heritage chicks and I was in business!!! This lil flock has had some additions and subtractions and I now have focus as to what I am doing-or attempting to do ;)
The next thing on the wish list is to raise and strengthen a line of Barnevelders. I think this will because 90% of my focus in the years to come and I hope to one day have a line that others recognize as my own...we will see ;)
Chickens are fun. They are relaxing and best of all they have been the most educational critters my kids have come across to date.
Thanks for letting me share! ~Hoppy Day to you!