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    The site is under DEstuction.........froggie style!
    It all started.......when I discovered chickens.
    On June 24th 2010, I "swiped" my first newborn chick from under a gamey hen at the horse stables. Took her home and named her Cheepie. She slept in a little cage with a heatlamp but during the day she was with me every moment. We did everything together and I had to teach her how to be a human. I built my very first "coop" for our daytime outtings. Oh how little did I know back then....

    picture to go here once I figure out how to do it...grrrr.......
    My first condo-coop was an old collapsible playpen that I had made for my dog. Just had to add cover, sand and toys. It sat on top of my gazebos' bar. At the stables, where I keep my horse, a month old AGF hen had gotten her face pecked and both eyes were swollen shut. I brought her home to play doctor. Now Cheepie has a friend, but just till she is well enought to back to the stables mind you I tell her. Can't name her..because when you do that, it is all I call her girlybird.....duh This happened in late July.
    Sept 5th 2010, I let BOTH girls [YUP, girlybird is just fine now and STILL has not gone back to her old home] go out to play in the backyard, momma goes in the house and falls forward 3 goes out to get girls....WHERES CHEEPIE???? girlybird is in the next yard but no nothing.....2 days later I realized my cheepie was gone...I was SO sad.....

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