I don't really have 40 acres, but my relatives always say "Whatcha got on the back 40 now?" I started with chickens in 2007, only planning to get a trio of silkies. Well that kinda didn't happen. I got the three silkies plus over a hundred more in the following years. I quickly found out there are a ton of different breeds. With a little help from Speckledhen, I enlarged my flock to include pure bred orpington and ameraucanas. From Eggbid I bought bantam cochins, marans, welsummers, old english game bantams, and a lavender orpington project rooster.
This is one of the ameruacanas I bought from her in the begining.

In the fall of that year, I bought black and splash marans off eggbid. They were the first adult chickens I had ever had mailed to my home.
Here is a picture of Frost, my splash marans roo.

My Black Marans roo Big Mac.

I also raise bantam cochin in frizzle and smooth forms.





I also raise blue/black/splash orpington. I just love the big poof balls.