Just a small backyard flock of 6..
  • 2 Rhode Island Reds
  • 2 Speckled Sussex
  • 2 "Bought Ameraucanas but they're probably EEs"
The girls are waiting at the gate so they can free range in the yard.
Far Right - Penelope "Beardface" us our alpha hen she has a fierce look to her, but is good natured. She also sounds like a geiger counter when she clucks and bawks.
Center - Rhode Island Red (yet unnamed) laying faithfully, not a lot of personality yet - other than she looks goofy in all our pictures.
Far Left - Speckled Sussex (yet unnamed) This one is the least bright of the flock. She spent her chick days pecking at the other chick's beaks instead of eating for herself. We thought she might not make it.. but here she is. Hasn't started laying yet.. tends to freak out and take flight and generally gets all the others into a froth.

This is Sarah - she is one of our Speckled Sussex, she is a good layer, unlike her unnamed sister who hasn't started yet. She seems to be at the bottom of the pecking order on our flock, but is content to explore and eat bugs all by herself. She and her sister have wide fat fluffy bottoms and funny shapes that I love - the both gallop and lope when the run...


This is Olivia - she just started laying a couple of weeks ago and has decided to go broody. She is pretty sweet despite her growls and puffed up demeanor.