Fun Science Fair Projects
If you are a parent of a child in about fourth or 5th grade, it is about time to start thinking about science fair projects. Yes, you remember those days when you made these science projects such as the volcano's, moon boxes, and a potato polarity indicator. It was an easy grade and actually was fun for a change. Below are some listings of some ideas of fun science fair projects and their descriptions.
Hatching chicken eggs in an incubator-, this project is performed to make children understand the natural growth of chicken. The two things that are required for hatching the chicken eggs with an incubator are the incubator itself and the fertilized eggs.

  • Selecting the right eggs might inquire ordering some from a farm. Purchase medium sized eggs without any cracks.
  • Finding the right incubator is important also. There are two types of incubators, choosing the right one you will probably need to ask an expert. When you have found the right incubator then you need to check it for 24 hours, to make sure that the temperature and humidity stays consistent.
  • Then you will follow the systematic procedure starting with placing the eggs into the incubator. Make sure you do not adjust the temperature for the first 48 hours and keep the temperature at or around 100 degrees. This process can take about 21 days.
  • The humidity should stay between 58% and 60% and gradually go up to 65%, when the eggs hatch. After the first 3 days of hatching, you need to turn the eggs about half a turn, six times a day. Do not set the eggs with the small ends pointing up because this can cause them not to hatch right.
Another fun science project is a bottle tornado. All the things you will need to make this is: drinking glasses, vegetable oil, tube of brown oil paint, funnel, nail, small fine- tooth saw, epoxy glue, popsicle stick, washer, 2 clear plastic water bottles, duct tape, pepper, paper towel. The result of this project is the brownish oil snakes toward the bottom of the bottle in a distinctive funnel shape dragging particles of pepper. The pepper swirls faster as it reaches the bottom of your tornado.
  • Mix the vegetable oil and water together and pour it into the drinking glass
  • Mix the paint in with the oil using the popsicle stick, then add a little pepper.
  • Remove the caps from the bottles, and empty the first bottle. Carefully cut the neck of the bottle so that you can widen the neck a little bit to place the washer.
  • Insert the funnel so you can add the water from the second bottle until the first bottle is about three-fifths full. Fill the first fifth with the oil.
  • Insert the washer in to bottle number 2 by doing the same as the first.
  • Turn bottle number two upside down, and insert its neck into the spread neck of bottle one. The two bottles should fit together snugly, joined at the necks separated by the washer.
  • Wrap duct tape around the two bottles.

Therefore, science fair projects can be fun, especially the two listed above. Many more projects are fun also. You can find how-to-do them online or in books. So help your child make the best one in him or her class.
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