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By micareli · Apr 25, 2012 · Updated Apr 25, 2012 · ·
  1. micareli
    Describe 'functional not special' here

    it is 12 deep 8 wide lowest ceiling is 6'
    8x8 living area
    4x8 roosting and pit area

    has 5 2x4 treated wide side up staggered so they can go as high as 7'10 inches or as low as 30 inches

    has 15 brooder boxes on exterior wall with access from outside to gather eggs.

    i have added the chicken nippler watering system ( less than 10)

    the coop is built next to my 10x16 garden shed, i have 12" extended from a corner of shed then 28 feet on back to that then 16 feet back toward coop and then 16 feet back to coop as a run/cage

    the cage is 72" high, each section is 8' long top and bottom rail, with 3 (69" post at 0/4/8 feet)... with the top and bottom rails adding 3 inches then totals 72 inches, used 72 inch wire, 100 for wire, 110 for lumber 210 total for pen that is approx 750 sq feet

    If I knew how I'd download pics

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