Funny Chicken Pics I Took

By High Roost Ranch · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. High Roost Ranch
    Photo taken October 24, 2009 by High Roost Ranch
    One of my Serama cockerels checking out BYC Swap Meets pages. He insists on sitting RIGHT where he is, don't move him because he'll move right back to that same spot.

    Photo taken October 24, 2009 by High Roost Ranch
    Can you find the chick in the picture? She's a little black Australorp X pullet that lost her clutch mates and mother to an attack. She was the sole survivor. Not having any other chicks of suitable age to put her with, she was brought into the house. She's quickly became the house chick, she knows where bed time is (yes, she snuggles up to mom on towel), and her food and water dish are in the kitchen. Do I need a shrink yet? LOL.

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  1. SOchic4
    that pic is too cute i wish our chics and cats got along but our cats weigh 14lbs and werent raised together

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