The Fam:
2 boys , 1 girl
An amazing and wonderful husband who never ceases to amaze me
One really big dog, a Berner, Charlie, who Is AWESOME.
One really odd dog, a Corgi named Max, who is also awesome.
6 cats, which I hate to admit because it paints a picture in peoples minds...
Pharoah, Cookie, Beevus, Bella, Daisy, and Bubby.
5 baby chickens, 2 EE's Violet and Daffodil
One GL Wyandotte, Nucky (who I fear may be a roo... and is very sweet)
One hatchery bred buff Cochin, Buttercup
One hatchery bred black Cochin, and my absolute favorite, Iris.
A 95 gallon fish tank, full of tropicals.
And a good vacuume.
I spend my days hanging out, feeding with and cleaning up after the entire brood.