Well i got my chickens in March and now they are 6 months old!!! I love to watch them grow and become big chickies!! We are pretty sure they are all hens but i am thinking our orange silkie is a roo! Well we will find out soon if we need to find a chicken friendly do not eat farm!!
I live in Utah and in the city! I wish we lived more in the mountains in a small farming comunity because i want more chickens and to have a NICE rooster! Lucy is a Buff Orpington, Fuss and Sarge are sister Americana's, Ying Yang and Nan Foodal are White crested Polish, Chicken Noodle and 50 cal are our Silkies and DooDad is a Silver Lace wyandotte!!! And now it's official! WE HAVE A ROOSTER!!!!!! It is the white crested polish. He crowed for the first time on 8-22-11!! We WILL not be giving him away!! He is the sweetest boy that i have ever seen! He crows alot but comes by his name, falls asleep when i pet him and loves his girls even though they peck his head and tail feathers! We have hatched two chicks resently! December 25, 2001 is our polish chicks bday and her name is Noel! December 27, 2011 is our SLW/polish chicks bday and her name is Chickotay!! Our silkies hatched them and they are very nice mama's!!!! we will be moving very soon and when we move we WILL be living in a small farming community here in Utah!!! Lots of acres for atleast 12 chickens..... I don't know how well that will pan out with the parents...!!