Hello, My name is Terri. My husband Les and I live in Wittmann. Sharing a rental with my best friend Denise. I love Silkies and trying to get up a nice but small flock.
We have many miniature goats on the place and one horse. I own one of the Nigerian pygmy goats and I have one nubian I love to death named Katy. She is red with those sweet floppy ears.
Denise owns one mustang and has some laying hens. Denise has 3 Standard Poodles and a sweet old Great Dane named Scooby. My dogs are two whippets. Murphy and Tess. Tess loves all small animals we call them babies to her. She loves my two pet rex rats and they crawl all over her and she washes them. It is a real HOOT! I am someday going to video her with them and send it to AFHV. Maybe win!
My phone # 623-388-1329