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  1. GableBabble
    Our Fowl:


    1. Silkies: SQ Silkies from Bobbi Porto, Chow Down Silkie Farm, and Ann Ray Lines. White and Black.

    Some of our Silkies

    2.Old English Game Bantam: Lemon Blue Sport, Lemon Pyle, BB Red, and Chocolate Silver Duckwing.
    Our OEGB Roosters. Please excuse Winston (The Lemon Blue sport), he is molting in the pic.

    3.Bantam Cochin: White Rooster covering Birchen and Frizzled Silver Laced Hens. Blue Mottled over buff hens, Black over black hens, and black Mottled.

    Some of our Cochins.


    Large Fowl:


    2. Lemon Cuckoo Orpington: 2 Roosters over 6 Hens.
    Picture coming soonish

    3. Heritage Plymouth Barred Rock: SQ, Marvin Stukel Lines. 2 Roosters over 6 Hens.


    4. Swedish Flower Hens: 1 Rooster over 6 Hens.
    Picture coming soonish

    5. Speckled Sussex: SQ Kemp/Scott lines. 2 Roosters over 7 Hens


    6. Silver Lakenvelder: SQ Lines 1 Rooster over 4 Hens
    Picture coming soonish. For now please enjoy pics of their chicks. :p


    7. Exchequer Leghorn: SQ Lines 2 Roosters over (Pullets right now) 6 Hens.
    Seems I did not take a pic of these boys either.



    10. American Gamefowl, Pumpkin Hulsey: 1 Stag over 1 Siapan, and 2 McLean Hens.


    11.American Gamefowl, Toppy Grey: 1 Stag over 3 Mclean Hens








    Water Fowl:
    1. Muscovy Duck: Black Pied, White, Lavender Pied, and Chocolate Pied.


    2. Dewlap and Standard Toulouse Goose: Grey, Buff and White. Trio's of each.
    I am only offering regular production Toulouse for swaps at this time.


    Other Fowl:
    1.Guinea Fowl: Pearl, Lavender, Lavender Pied, Pearl Pied, Chocolate, Dunn.

    Our Boys. John and Paul. They were formerly the whole beatles group. These guys are all that is left of the Pearl group.
    2.Cortex Quail:

    Many more breeds growing out in 2013. Some GFF, and Some Breeder Eggs. Brahma, SFH, Rhodebar, RIR and more.

    ***Sorry, but I am lazy. I also have a 13 yr old who uses my camera alot to take video of her Littlest Pet shops and Silkies. So pictures are sometimes slow in getting on my page, due to my own laziness or the camera out of batteries.

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  1. gabrielle1976
    Are any of your ducks smaller ducks or are they all big ducks?
  2. WildWorks
    Love the old english bantam pair!!! That roo is awesome!!!

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