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    What at first, I considered my enemy, the reason behind the failing relationship, soon became an ally. An ally that proved no matter how much I try it was better to let go. And so, through the lows of letting go, a fire was born, a passion that was always there but had not come to life. And so it was that I discovered my love for birds. Born in the ruins of a relationship, it soon became the force that helped me through it all and when I felt everything was lost, I realized I had lost nothing, for what was meant for me, had stayed with me.


    "If someone would have told me that at age 33 instead of having a dog or a cat in my lap, I'd have a chicken, I'd have die laughing." - MM

    Silkie Chickens

    Black Silkies


    Buff Silkies


    Partridge Silkies


    Silver Silkies


    White Silkies


    Ringneck Doves

    Pied et Cookie


    Snow et Tan


    Jewel, 1st Born

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Twins


    Ringneck Pheasants


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    My Puppies


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    Thank you for visiting my page!


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