Poppy and the Hatchery

The first thing I can remember is pecking out of an egg into a dark white thing with many other eggs and chicks in it. Apparently it was called and incubator. It wasn't the most comfortable thing ever, but since i was tired, I took a nap in it until my downy baby fluff dried of its egg goo.

The next thing I know, I'm waking up to a bunch of screams and a large hand reaching down and scooping up my companions. I tried to run, but I was grabbed as well. Then we were all put on land, but it was moving! The moving land would carry us around and drop us a lot. It was very noise, as chicks everywhere were crying, terrified. I remember crying as well- I was quite wimpy as a baby.

Eventually we were brought to a container with all the females I had hatched with and we huddled together, awaiting our doom. Within hours, me and three other chicks where I was kept were snatched into the air and brought onto a cold table. Our necks were put against the table and I felt a sharp pain. I was later told that it was a "vaccination" (whatever that is) for a disease called "Mareks' Disease".

After the cold table with the needles, we were put into a box. It had stringy type stuff in it, and it was comfy. The three other chicks and I all snuggled up together, crying, and eventually took a nap. We awoke to the box moving. We peeped loudly, trying to get help. But it never came. The box moved a lot for a few days. Then suddenly, it was opened and we were put into a bigger box. This box was warm and had food and water in it. We could finally see each other clearly.
My three new sisters
Gamma and I confront each other

After another few hours, two little humans came up to our new home. "Poppy!" The girl said as she picked me up. That was my name. I was the first in the flock to get my name, since I had the lightest orange down.

We were taken to a new place then for a little while. It had some green stuff all over the place. We tasted it. It was good. Another girl came to us, and we were held and cuddled a lot. My new sisters were given the names Gamma, Tigerlily, and Flutter.

I decided I liked my new home.