This is our unfinished coop that is located inside our garage and the run, which is on the side of the house. The coop will be 100% insulated when finished.
The coop is 12x4x8. Excuse the mess, as this use to be a storage area. Our garage extends an extra 8 feet back for extra storage, so there is more then enough room for a coop without disturbing car space.
The feeder, which was installed to the right of the door. Finished insulating the wall, which will be helpful for our brutal winters.
The inside of coop. The roosting area. We are adding an additional roost on the right wall above the feeder.
The opposite side of inside the coop. It's not easy taking photos inside a small space.
Our run which is 22x5x5
The girls inside the run taking a dirt bath
New door hubby built for my birthday, so I can free range! YAY! I love it!