Hi! If you're here you're curious about me, right? Ok - I'm me. :D
I'm a young'un with a love of the outdoors. When I was little, mom kept a big plot at the community garden and dad kept horses at an old cousin's farm and I learned to ride bareback. Then the cousin got too sick for the farm, sold or put down the horses and there I was stuck in small-town NY with no land and no horse. Since then I've been scheming and looking for ways to get "back to the land". I've worked a few jobs - summer camp counselor, therapist, retail sales associate... My dream job is Homesteader Extraordinaire, but in the meantime I've got a degree in Children and Society (social work/behavioral work) and I'm looking into tutoring and freelance writing as possible job outlets. I can't stand offices and I don't much like city living, but I'm here in Pittsburgh anyway (job markets aren't that great in rural areas, and I've got loans to pay off) and trying to turn our urban postage stamp yard into a garden getaway.

We don't have much room for chickens here but I'm not giving up the dream. Lots of careful planning has led to a tiny coop design that we (and the neighbor) can live with! 3 chicks are on their way! Husband and I have also discussed getting goats and potentially a horse or two. Until then: I'll be here, learning and gathering ideas for the future. :)