We started with three young Columbian Wyandottes in 2010; sadly, after a year a raccoon broke in and killed them. We turned the coop and run into a fortress, and after various adventures we now have five, two laying hens and three young'uns. We live an hour outside Chicago.

Our chickens posed for a family portrait on their first day with us, Nov. 2011
Left to right you see Brewster, Donna, Goldie, and Mossy.


Brewster, he Ruled the Roost. He fell off his perch a few times, knocking himself out, and one day he somehow broke his neck.
In the meantime, Donna had started pecking the others and terrorizing them, so she had to move back to the farm where she'd be in a much larger flock.

Goldie, our Alpha Hen. With her four point crown, she may not be a pure bred Columbian Wyandotte, but she is certainly regal.

And here is Mossy, small and awkward with her splay legs, but she is a take-charge kind of girl.

This is a large video, 10mg, so don't click if you're on dialup! Mossy and Brooster are squabbling a bit while taking a dust bath.

You can learn about our new chooks and how we've improved and enlarged the run on my Fowlies Bregère coop page.

What kind of birds are these?


Roostie and the girls surveying the land

Roostie. May he Roost in Peace. He fought hard to protect the girls, but the raccoon was too much for him. I learned a painful lesson, and our new birds have a run that (I hope) is a fortress.

The improved coop and run, I've tried to anticipate any weakness that a raccoon could exploit.


The late great big momma

She had great self assurance

Little Momma and Roostie shortly after they first came to our family.

Our amazing 19 year old love bird. He passed away in Nov. 2011, just a week after the raccoon got our three chickens.


A visitor to our garden

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