We live in Desert Hills, just North of Phoenix. Raising chickens was our homeschooling project one summer. These are some of our original girls. They had just started laying. It was an exciting year. I have been sharing our chicken adventures with everyone I know. It has been fun, but I am realizing that they are just chickens to most people. If I really want to talk chicken, I have to go to chicken people! When I try to describe the personalities of my chickens to non-chicken people, they look at me like I have lost it! You all know and love your chickens, too. You are my people!

Over the course of the first 2 years, we lost most of these hens to coyotes and bobcats and illness. We still have a Buff Orpington who hatches for us in the spring when she "goes broody". And we have one of the Speckled Sussex hens. We are working on growing a new flock. We have babies and hatching eggs with Easter Eggers, Weaten/Blue Weaten Ameraucanas, Buff Orpingtons, 1 Leghorn, Barred Rocks, and a few Polish crosses. It is always an adventure!