I have developed a chicken watering system that could be adapted to any size container. I purchased and utilized a 40 gallon plastic container (barrel) that I found at my local farm supply store (Atwoods). I scavenged an old steel truck wheel rim that fit the plastic container (approximately 22"). I cut the outside of the rim off, smoothed the edges, and added triangulated legs made of 3/4 steel pipe over half inch threaded bolts (adjustable of course). I also added steel wire at the base of the three legs so they would not squat under the heavy load of 40 gallons of water. I ordered watering nipples and installed four in the bottom of the barrel. I sealed the nipples in the barrel with clear silicone. I also have an electric de-icing ring installed in the barrel which keeps the water at a constant 62 degrees...no freezing obviously. My girls learned to utilize the nipples in just a few hours.