Genell And Buddy New Coop Addition To Donkey Barn

By Genbuddy · Jul 22, 2012 · ·
  1. Genbuddy




    Describe 'Genell and Buddy new coop addition to donkey barn' here

    A frame tin roof 14x24 with a walk through down center 4' x 14' Also 2'x6 '1/2" doors, one for each side. Made them with 2x2 and chicken wire.

    Enclosed with dog wire and on one pen we have the small chicken wire because it has the little ones on that side.

    On the tops of the walls we put lattice to make sure the hawks or other predators can't fly or climb in.

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  1. N F C
    "Coop Addition"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Aug 21, 2018
    Wish there was more detail on how this was built.
  2. Tesumph
    "Looks great, needs more details"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 6, 2018


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  1. N F C
    Looks big & roomy
  2. Genbuddy
    Thanks, maybe you could show this to your husband. My husband and I built this together. I nailed the tin on. It really didn't take us to long to do it. We started out with one side and when my husband saw how it looked he decided to go ahead and build the other side.
  3. The Old Yolks
    Very nice, I wish my hubby would let me have a coop that big. I keep telling him more chickens would be profitable but he just isn't buying it :). Excellent work on your coop. Keep us posted with any updates.
  4. Genbuddy
    We have really enjoyed our new chicken coop/pen. We go in and sit down and enjoy them every morning and evening. We let our buff orphington out for a little while this afternoon and the free range chickens started picking on them then the geese started picking on them and they ran to me little help................. so I put them back in. We have a silkie that started sitting 5 days ago and I am so excited about that. Now I am confused on how I should divide them cause we have silver sebright bantams, silkies, buff bearded silkies and I especially like them, Buff orphingtons,cochins of all colors and lots of roosters in the mix.

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