Welcome to the BYC Page of The Smith's and the two new additions to our family, Henny Penny and Stella!
My heritage runs deep in the mountains of Ellijay, GA...a place where back in the day the wall art might have been the outline of your full name with bullet holes (due to lack of nothing better going on), you walked the mountain dirt roads to get where you needed to go, everyone knew one another, and your chickens knew what was going on in the coop next door, becuase most were hacklin hens! My Grandparents were raised with chicken coops the size of their own houses, my daddy was raised with trying to figure out which came first, the chicken or the egg....AND THEN THERE IS ME. I THINK IT RUNS DEEP IN MY BLOOD, AND I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I AM DOING, BUT ONE DAY I DECIDED TO NO LONGER WAIT UNTIL I HAVE A BUNCH OF LAND WITH MY DREAM FARM ON IT, THAT NOW IS THE TIME TO GO ON AHEAD AND GET ME SOME CHICKENS...I AM RAISING THEM! Not wanting to get in over my head, I picked out only two, and with what little to well, NO experience I have with raising chicks...I really wish I would have gotten a few more because Penny and Stella have shown my hubby and I a good time! I cannot wait to watch them grow, and to me they are the most beautiful chickens on the street...even if they are the only chickens on the street ;) They are Rhode Island Reds, and I was always told red heads are spit-fires...they have shown me that meaning and we are only 4 weeks into it. They have the funniest traits and personalities and I am so happy I didn't talk myself out of getting them.
With that being said, I NEED ALL THE ADVISE AND HELP A GIRL CAN GET! What size brooder, to clip the wings or not to clips the wings, to clip only one side or listen to the hippie down the street who said in her day they clipped both (but I don't know if she even knew what clipping chicken wings really meant)...so many questions, and hopefully so many people out there with some advise...and for that, thank you BYC!!!

WE WOULD NOW LIKE TO INTRODUCE THE TWO NEWBIES...MOE AND HAWNKY!!! These two are in their own brooder until their leg strength is a little better, but they did however meet Stella and Penny...which was very funny because they took over and let the two big girls know they were there and they are stickin around!!! They made themselves at home in NO TIME!!!