Giant Dewlap Exhibition geese hatching problems

By blackflyer · May 15, 2013 ·
  1. blackflyer
    This is my third year trying to hatch these birds.I have in the past managed to get them all through to internal pip, then they all give up and die.I read the hatching guide written by Pete55, and tried again this month. I put 4 eggs in the incubator,humidity 20 degrees, and temp 37.3 C. on day 1, and three days later put another four in. Day 27 the first four were all rocking with internal pip. Day 28 they were all dead in shell.I was so upset, and determined not to lose the next four. On day 27 I once again had internal pip, and when I held them to my ear, could here them breathing.I then made a small hole in each at the top of the airsac, then carefully peeled away enough shell to expose their beaks.I then very gently eased their head, and neck out, using cotton buds moistened in warm pre boiled water, then replaced them all in the incubator, and raised the humity to 85. Day 28, I have four goslings, all alive and well.They remained half in the shell overnight, then all managed to push their way out exept for one who needed a little help.I know this may not be the correct way, but it worked for me.I am convinced that such a giant breed, just need more help.I am not sure if they are naturally this size, or were man made.
    If I ever an tempted to hatch more of these giants, I will follow Pete's guide, and intervene at the end.

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