Giggle Box Fuzzy Butts Coop

We needed a bigger coop and thought 10x12 should be ok. As soon as the corners were up we realized that wasn't going to work. So we quickly got more cedar posts and expanded to 10x26. It is 8 feet tall on the near side and 10 feet tall on the far side. The plan is to add to the back to be a livestock barn, but for now its just the chicken coop side.

We used poplar boards for the walls, and ondura panels for the roof. This is the right side of the front, with a used door we snagged for $10, and a large 4x7 foot window screened with hardware cloth. The whole outside is stained in $5/gal mistinted stain though we had to buy a 4th gallon at regular price. The rafters stick out 2 feet and are covered with hardware cloth as well.

The left side has 2 windows, only 1 currently slides open, covered in hardware cloth. We hung a fan in there to get some breeze during this heat wave. The nesting boxes were moved over from the old coop. 6 boxes is plenty for now since we only have 10 layers, but we will soon need more.

The right has the 5 rows of roosts and a ladder for the smaller chicks to get up to them. The roosts are 18 inches apart from the center of the 2x4s.

The roosts aren't fastened down so that I can lift the 2x4s up to make cleaning easier.

My kids helped with all the painting and my 3 year old decided that the back was too boring..