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Girlychicks Member Page

By girlychick · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. girlychick

    Miley And Torchick!
    You guys have all heard about the new chicks, but havent heard about are 16 month old red stars Miley and Torchick. Torchick is the main head hen. The only way to tell them apart is to look at there combs. They are the sweetest chickens ever! Torchick loves being held. Miley not so much lol. They both are good egglayers and lay an egg everyday! So thats great. One time one of them had a huge egg that had two yolks in it! It was good. Anyway thats really it see yeah! Looks like torchicks taking a snooze! xD
    Torchick is in the front miley is in the back
    More Pictures :D

    Hey everyone! We took the chicks outside today just to wonder around not in the coop! I'm pretty sure they loved it! They didn't wanna leave and had fun pecking at bugs and flowers. We took lots of adorable! pictures we would have took more but the camera SD card ran out of memory :p anyways here are the photo's enjoy


    Pedro and Pecky
    Yesterday, we bought a new chick hoping that out chickens Miley and Torchick would "adopt" Her(Pecky) unfortunately they completely ignored her! So we brought her in but she was loud and lonely so we had to buy another chick (pedro) They are always together if you take one out of the cage and not the other they start calling each other and fussing until there together. They are adorable! I am so glad we got them. Pecky seems to follow me everywhere its really funny. The employee at the place we got them looked at us like this :[ lol guessing were crazy city people that want chickens for pets xD

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