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By GISA farms · Feb 22, 2013 · ·
  1. GISA farms
    We moved to our home in the country in May 2012 after living in Omaha for 8 years. Our first priority was getting the coop fixed up and adding those fluffy yellow chicks. But in June the stores were limited to four black-sex links and two Rhode Island Red. Our kids 10 and 7 were in love. I needed more and we found a nice man who sold us a black cochin pair who were a year if we bought several other 4 week old chickens. Old English Bantams, Buff Bantam, and a trio of barred Bantam. We ended up with more roosters than I realized but Captain is the most personable rooster. We take many pictures of him because he makes us smile. But they are all my babies. We have 11 roosters now. We hatched 5 of them and cannot part with them


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  1. ChemicalchiCkns
    When I First Read The Titul, I Thought It Was G-S-A Cycens, As If The Federall Governement Would Be That Cool...

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