I live in Florida and hope to have chickens sometime soon- I am especially interested in the chicken tractor approach. I would like to have a small flock- up to a half dozen to start out for fresh eggs- though I would love to have more eventually(and maybe some other fowl too!). We had buff orpingtons(as well as giant white turkeys, pekin ducks, and geese-toulouse, embden, and african), when I was a child, and they were so wonderful that I am really looking forward to having chickens around again. I would especially like to have partridge rocks and orpingtons, maybe a new hampshire or rhode island red or silkie as well. I am looking forward to meeting and talking with others on this site, it's great to meet other people who appreciate chickens(and livestock in general). I will surely have a lot more to say once I have some chickens of my own- right now I am still getting started and trying to learn all I can first! :)
I also love goats, as my name suggests, and hope to have them as well sometime soon. I am a big fan of goat milk and feel that it is even better than cow milk! Right now I have a nice container garden that gives me fresh herbs, and soon will have various greens as well. I would love to hear from anyone else that enjoys talking about their animals or gardening.