I have over 100 chickens and am a breeder of lots of birds. Please write the breed, variety, and quantity(no more than a dozen on rare breeds) half dozen minimum!All are bred to the standard of perfection--I also have new breeds...PM me if interested. I AM NOT A HATCHERY. Ones italics are avalible to BYCers ONLY. Bold are new
--My Standard Breeds:
--Black Australorp
--Black Sumatra
--BBRed Cubalaya
--Brown Leghorn
--Buff Orpington
--Black Wyandotte
--Lavender Orpingtons
-- Cream Legbars
-- Wheaten Ameraucana
-- BC Marans
-- Golden laced brahmas

-- Light brahma
-- Salmon Faverolle
-- Buttercup
--Silver Grey Dorkings

--My Bantams: ( prepare to read...a LOT)
-- Mottled Anconas
--Wyandotte: Black, Blue, Columbian, Buff, Buff columbian, Blue Laced Red, Partidge, Silver laced, Golden Laced and Splash
--OEGBs: Black, Blue, BB Red, Wheaton, Mille Fleur(rare), Crele, Brown Red, Birchen, Silver Duckwing, Golden Duckwing, Buff Columbian and Black tailed Red
--Modern Game: Birchen, Brown Red, Blue and Black
--D'anver: Quail and Silver Quill(RARE),Mottled, black and Millie fleur
--Orpington: Lavender(RARE) and Buff
--Houdan: Mottled

--Cochin: Black, Blue, White, Partridge, Lavender and Buff
--Japanese: Mottled, black and Black-tailed buff and white, White
---Plymouth Rock: White, Buff and Barred
--Brahma:Buff and Light
--D'Uccle:White, Blue and Golden Neck
--Rhode Island Red(Single and Rose comb)
--Americana:Blue, buff, black, Wheaton and White
--Leghorn:White,Barred,Light Brown,Black and Red
--Cornish:Black,Buff,Mottled,Spangled and Dark
--Silkie:White,Black, Partridge, Birchen and Blue(All are Bearded)
--Sebright: Golden

-- Grey Call Duck
--Pencilled Runner

This is a family tradition so not all of these are at my house. It may take a bit untill the eggs ship out.


A little history...
My great-great-great grandfather started this in 1874 when the APA released the standard of exelence.
We add birds as the years go by. And we sell off some.
All of my family has birds spread out through the USA.
I have not been NPIP certified. I plan to next year.
New birds will be avalible after July 1st, 2013