I am new to the Duck/poultry world, I've owned horses and smalled livestock but this is a new world to me and I'm enjoying eveyday of it. I am enjoying the company of the Muscovy duck. We currently are housing them in a make shift pen and house. But with in the next month or so we will be building a new duck pen/poultry pen maybe getting some heritage chickens for eggs. But thats later. I have a few ideas and I cant wait to share them with you and the process. (take note) we live in AZ in the Valley it dose not snow here at all only up north so the pen will have tons of ventilation (but no drafts) Snow and keeping things warm is not a problem here its more so keeping everyone cool! Summer lows are in the 80's and 90's winter lows 20's and 30's<--- thats as cold as it gets. We dont have many preditiors we are Rule but we dont get racoons, or foxes. We do have coyotes but we have a 6ft fence around the property + dogs and they are pretty scared of anything. The "house/coop" will be raised 2ft/3ft cause of snakes, and rats/mice. Other then that im so excited it will be a wonderful family project. Stay tuned. more to come!!!!!

"The farm" consists of 4 muscovy hens, 3 muscovy drakes, 1 Cattle dog, 1 GSD, and a Nutty Border Collie to help me round them all up!
The Girls
("Lucy" )


The Boys
Only one will be staying with us right now they are just young guys so there has been no fighting... but 2 will have to go. We only have room and need a small flock of Scovies.