[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Hi, my name is Grace and I am from Indiana . I am a new member of backyardchickens (as of 9/22/07) I wasn't really sure I wanted chickens at first but my mind changed quickly. My mom kind of persuaded me and then I really like the idea. My Dad still has mixed emotions on the chickens (like our other pets) I was quite nervous about our other pets actions towards our new babies; the other pets don't seem to mind. This part is sad and good; we had 2 cats about 1 week1/2 our young and loving cat Moses was hit by a car. We still have 1 cat who is a good hunter (Juliet) but Moses had the most curiostity. I am still pretty sad about Moses tragic death, but now I have cute baby chickens to love (even though chicken love can never replace cat love; Moses love
Backyardchickens seems like a very nice place and people seem so kind and helpful. We just got chickens not to long ago. We have 5 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Delawares, 2 ameracanas, 2 silverlaced wiandots, and 2 delawares. They all act very happy and healthy. I am so excited about this adventure I am still currently on. The Rhode Island Reds seemed a bit agressive, but now they act kind towards the others (most of the time lol) MY favortie ones are a ameracana named Delilah (Fudgie) and a Delaware named Daisy. The funny thing about that is I thought I would like those 2 breeds the least.
I live with a mom, dad , 2 sisters on an almost farm. I love it! When ever family comes we have a lovely time. My house has been in my family for about 30 to 40 years. People have died here. Animals have been born here. We have Christmas here every year. We have had so many good and bad memories here. Though the move was hard I adpated it and learn to love it. I may live in the country but I don't feel like country folk out all. But I suppose having chickens makes me just a bit more country.