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  1. Blooie

    4 chicken thighs or breasts (your preference, I use thighs)
    1 small egg, beaten with a bit of milk
    small amount of flour
    Salt and Pepper to taste
    2-3 TBSP brown sugar
    Enough oil to for browning to keep the chicken from scorching - you aren't trying to deep fry it
    Dorothy Lynch Salad dressing

    Cooking Instructions:

    - Rinse and pat chicken dry. (I don't know why they always say to do this, but since they do, I do.) Season with salt and pepper to taste.

    - Dip the chicken pieces in egg mixture, then very lightly coat with the flour. You won't get a crispy crust with this recipe anyway, coating too much leaves flour clumps in the sauce, and makes the chicken doughy. (Ask me how I know...sigh)
    - Set it aside for the coating to "dry" a bit while you heat oil. In my particular cooker, I always start with out with just 2 TBSP and add a tiny bit more if I need to. Fat will render off the chicken, and the dressing also contains fat. Because my slow cooker also does the browning, I'm not doing that part in a skillet first so I just adjust the amount of oil for my needs based on the smaller interior of the cooker.

    - Brown on both sides, then pull the chicken and let it drain for a few minutes on a rack OVER a double layer of paper towel, not directly ON the paper towel.

    - Put the chicken in a slow cooker (or in my case back into the slow cooker) and pour on enough Dorothy Lynch Dressing to just cover. Sprinkle the brown sugar over all, give it a stir, then cover and set slow cooker for 8 hours on low or 4 hours on high.

    - When the chicken is done, serve over a bed of rice. Now, that's the way Ken likes it - I don't like rice in any way shape or form, so I make a couple of servings of good old Minute Rice for him and I have a baked 'tater.

    Recipe Pictures:

    Season with salt and pepper. I happen to like the skin on chicken but Ken doesn't, so our home processed chickens are always skinned when he does them.

    Coated with flour. Um, I got distracted thinking too far ahead of myself about getting this recipe submitted and seriously over-coated the chicken with flour. Result - flour lumps in the sauce and a doughy outer coating on the chicken. <Sigh> And I KNOW better, too. Just dusting of flour is all that's needed, not what I did here. Sorry.

    Cooker is set to brown, coating on the chicken is drying to set it a bit before putting it in the oil.

    Sizzling away!

    The Cheater ingredient. Hate it on salads, love it in cooking. I originally developed this recipe as a way to fix venison that was a little different from the usual, but it works well with chicken too.

    All browned and draining a bit before I put them back in the cooker.

    And back in they go.....

    Enough dressing just to cover. Note: Don't open the cooker to get a whiff of the chicken while it's cooking - you'll get a blast of vinegar smell that will clear your sinuses and make you think about ordering pizza instead!

    Cooker set to slow cook for 8 hours.

    Ken prefers it served over rice with the sauce, but I hate rice - any rice. He was out of town when I posted this, so I got to eat the chicken my way!

    One other note. This works even better with home-grown chickens rather than store bought. They can sometimes be a little tougher and this kind of cooking helps tenderize them. Sometimes store bought chicken gets mushy if it's cooked this long in a liquid sauce. For these photos I did use store bought, simply because all of the home chicken we had was still frozen when I thought of doing it.


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  1. sunflour
    OMG this sounds delicious and easy. I have never seen a cooker like yours, will have to investigate that one:)
  2. Blooie
    Hmmm....I've never NOT seen it anywhere. I suppose French would work, but it's got a stronger flavor so you might want to try to increase the amount of brown sugar....Dorothy Lynch is similar to French dressing but it's got a milder flavor. I dunno! Shoot, if you try it, let us know if it works and I'll edit the recipe to reflect that, giving you credit for bravely going where no Blooie has gone before.....
    I have never in my life seen or heard of Dorothy Lynch dressing! Where do you get yours? Can you use regular ol french dressing instead? This looks and sounds really good I will have to try it!
  4. perchie.girl
    looks very good. I would like it with or without rice....
  5. BantyChooks
    Sounds delish!!
  6. Blooie
    Holy chicken, Batmen....let me get the photos and the edits done here first! Just the first draft, you know!!
  7. scottcaddy
    That does sound good, 4 thighs will not be enough.
  8. N F C
    Better make extra, I'm coming for dinner!

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