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Gramma's No Time To Cook Chicken Chicken

By Blooie · Oct 26, 2016 · Updated Oct 27, 2016 ·
  1. Blooie

    4 chicken thighs or breasts (your preference, I use thighs)
    1 small egg, beaten with a bit of milk
    small amount of flour
    Salt and Pepper to taste
    2-3 TBSP brown sugar
    Enough oil to for browning to keep the chicken from scorching - you aren't trying to deep fry it
    Dorothy Lynch Salad dressing

    Cooking Instructions:

    - Rinse and pat chicken dry. (I don't know why they always say to do this, but since they do, I do.) Season with salt and pepper to taste.

    - Dip the chicken pieces in egg mixture, then very lightly coat with the flour. You won't get a crispy crust with this recipe anyway, coating too much leaves flour clumps in the sauce, and makes the chicken doughy. (Ask me how I know...sigh)
    - Set it aside for the coating to "dry" a bit while you heat oil. In my particular cooker, I always start with out with just 2 TBSP and add a tiny bit more if I need to. Fat will render off the chicken, and the dressing also contains fat. Because my slow cooker also does the browning, I'm not doing that part in a skillet first so I just adjust the amount of oil for my needs based on the smaller interior of the cooker.

    - Brown on both sides, then pull the chicken and let it drain for a few minutes on a rack OVER a double layer of paper towel, not directly ON the paper towel.

    - Put the chicken in a slow cooker (or in my case back into the slow cooker) and pour on enough Dorothy Lynch Dressing to just cover. Sprinkle the brown sugar over all, give it a stir, then cover and set slow cooker for 8 hours on low or 4 hours on high.

    - When the chicken is done, serve over a bed of rice. Now, that's the way Ken likes it - I don't like rice in any way shape or form, so I make a couple of servings of good old Minute Rice for him and I have a baked 'tater.

    Recipe Pictures:

    Season with salt and pepper. I happen to like the skin on chicken but Ken doesn't, so our home processed chickens are always skinned when he does them.

    Coated with flour. Um, I got distracted thinking too far ahead of myself about getting this recipe submitted and seriously over-coated the chicken with flour. Result - flour lumps in the sauce and a doughy outer coating on the chicken. <Sigh> And I KNOW better, too. Just dusting of flour is all that's needed, not what I did here. Sorry.

    Cooker is set to brown, coating on the chicken is drying to set it a bit before putting it in the oil.

    Sizzling away!

    The Cheater ingredient. Hate it on salads, love it in cooking. I originally developed this recipe as a way to fix venison that was a little different from the usual, but it works well with chicken too.

    All browned and draining a bit before I put them back in the cooker.

    And back in they go.....

    Enough dressing just to cover. Note: Don't open the cooker to get a whiff of the chicken while it's cooking - you'll get a blast of vinegar smell that will clear your sinuses and make you think about ordering pizza instead!

    Cooker set to slow cook for 8 hours.

    Ken prefers it served over rice with the sauce, but I hate rice - any rice. He was out of town when I posted this, so I got to eat the chicken my way!

    One other note. This works even better with home-grown chickens rather than store bought. They can sometimes be a little tougher and this kind of cooking helps tenderize them. Sometimes store bought chicken gets mushy if it's cooked this long in a liquid sauce. For these photos I did use store bought, simply because all of the home chicken we had was still frozen when I thought of doing it.


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