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    I'm Green Thumb Mama!
    Welcome to my page!

    We are the proud owners of 4 beautiful hens!

    We have a White Rock, a Partridge Cochin Bantam, and 2 Turken Hens.

    (White Rock - Princess Buttercup)

    (2 Turkens - left, Mrs. Puffball and right, Peanut Butter Cup)

    (What's going on? Do you have scratch for us or what?)

    (Our gorgeous Partridge Cochin Bantam- Ginger)

    Introducing our newest additions!


    Our hen, Ginger, went broody a few weeks ago and a friend of mine
    with a rooster gave me 7 eggs for her to hatch! Of the 7, four hatched on June 20, 2010.

    Our Coop!


    Yay! It's done! 6/24/09


    Come visit me at my blog!
    Green Thumb Mama
    Let's talk chicken!


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